Sdf2d Operators

Signed distances functions which define geometry in 2D space, by calculating the distance from the edge of the shape at any given point.

These operators can be used either in 2D workflows, or can be converted to 3D geometry such as by extrusion.


arbitraryPolygonSdf2d arbitraryPolygonSdf2d Polygonal area with arbitrarily positioned points.
arcSdf2d arcSdf2d Radial arc, a segment of a circular path, with rounded ends.
archSdf2d archSdf2d Arched doorway shape with a rounded top and rectangular bottom.
arrowSdf2d arrowSdf2d
bezierSdf2d bezierSdf2d
blobbyCrossSdf2d blobbyCrossSdf2d
branchingTreeSdf2d branchingTreeSdf2d beta
chamferRectangleSdf2d chamferRectangleSdf2d Rectangle with corners cut off at angles.
circleSdf circleSdf 2D circle SDF.
circleWaveSdf2d circleWaveSdf2d
coolSSdf2d coolSSdf2d
cornerSdf2d cornerSdf2d 2D SDF for an infinite corner, like an infinite square positioned by one corner.
crossSdf2d crossSdf2d 2D cross shape SDF, with 4 arms and option rounding of the intersections.
cutDiscSdf2d cutDiscSdf2d
dogBoneSdf2d dogBoneSdf2d 2D SDF for two connected circles.
eggSdf2d eggSdf2d
ellipseSdf2d ellipseSdf2d
flowerSdf2d flowerSdf2d
heartSdf2d heartSdf2d
hexagonalGridSdf2d hexagonalGridSdf2d
horseshoeSdf2d horseshoeSdf2d
isoscelesTriangleSdf2d isoscelesTriangleSdf2d
jointSdf2d jointSdf2d
kochSnowflakeSdf2d kochSnowflakeSdf2d
lineSegmentSdf2d lineSegmentSdf2d 2D line segment SDF.
moonSdf2d moonSdf2d
parabolaSdf2d parabolaSdf2d
parallelogramSdf2d parallelogramSdf2d
pieSdf2d pieSdf2d SDF for a 2D pie-slice shape.
pistonSdf2d pistonSdf2d
planeSdf2d planeSdf2d
polySplineSdf2d polySplineSdf2d
polygonSdf2d polygonSdf2d SDF for several types of 2D polygons.
quadSdf2d quadSdf2d SDF for a 2D quad with arbitrary corners.
rectangleSdf rectangleSdf SDF for a 2D rectangle.
rhombilleTilingSdf2d rhombilleTilingSdf2d
rhombusSdf2d rhombusSdf2d SDF for a 2D rhombus (diamond), with its corners aligned to the axes.
roundedRectangleSdf2d roundedRectangleSdf2d SDF for a 2D rectangle with optionally rounded corners.
spikeSdf2d spikeSdf2d
spiralSdf2d spiralSdf2d
stairSdf2d stairSdf2d beta
starSdf2d starSdf2d SDF for a 2D star shape.
subdivisionSdf2d subdivisionSdf2d beta
superQuadSdf2d superQuadSdf2d
textSdf2d textSdf2d beta
trapezoidSdf2d trapezoidSdf2d
triangleSdf2d triangleSdf2d SDF for a 2D triangle.
triangularGridSdf2d triangularGridSdf2d
vesicaSdf2d vesicaSdf2d SDF for a 2d vesica, which is a shape based on the overlap between two circles.
vesicaSegmentSdf2d vesicaSegmentSdf2d
wedgeSdf2d wedgeSdf2d beta