Cone-shaped spotlight.

This is similar to the Light COMP in spotlight mode.


Name Description Regular Handling Read-Only Handling

Brightness that is applied to the Color.

Runtime Baked

Color of the light.

Runtime Baked

The position of the tip of the light cone.

Runtime Baked

The direction which the cone faces, as a vector.

Runtime Baked
Cone Angle

The width of the cone.

Runtime Baked
Cone Delta

The amount of blending between the inside and the outside of the cone.

Runtime Baked

Whether to limit the light range.

Runtime Semi-Baked
Attenuation Start

The distance at which the light starts to dim.

Runtime Baked
Attenuation End

The distance at which the light is fully dimmed.

Runtime Baked

Rotation for the direction that the light faces.

Runtime Baked
Enable Look At

Whether the light should face a specific position.

Runtime Semi-Baked
Look At Position

Coordinates that the light should face.

Runtime Baked
Up Vector

Up vector used to orient the light.

Runtime Baked
Enable Shadow

Whether the light should produce shadows.

Runtime Semi-Baked


  • Color Field: (optional) Optional field that controls the color of the light.
    • Coordinate Types: vec3
    • Context Types: LightContext
    • Return Types: float vec4
  • Attenuation Field: (optional) Field controls the color of the light based on the position of surface hits where it is being applied. The resulting color is multiplied by the `Color` parameter and `Intensity`.
    • Coordinate Types: float
    • Context Types: LightContext
    • Return Types: float vec4
    • Supports Variables From Inputs: colorField
  • attenuationField: (optional) Field/function that controls the slope and coloration of the attenuation rolloff is shaped. It can be used to make the light shift from one color to another, or to control the sharpness of the rolloff.
    • Coordinate Types:
    • Context Types:
    • Return Types: