Pattern Operators

2D pattern generators, which can be used for things like textures. Pattern operators are essentially a sub-category of field operators that focus on producing value or color patterns using 2D coordinates.


blobRingPattern blobRingPattern beta
brickPattern brickPattern Pattern of stacked rectangular bricks.
checkerPattern checkerPattern Checkerboard pattern with alternating black and white rectangles.
gridPattern gridPattern Rectangular grid pattern.
hexagonalGridPattern hexagonalGridPattern Hexagonal grid pattern.
hexagonalTruchetPattern hexagonalTruchetPattern Pattern using truchet tiling in a hexagonal arrangement.
hexagonalWeavePattern hexagonalWeavePattern Pattern with two layers with gaps in a hexagonal layout.
knitPattern knitPattern beta Woven yarn pattern.
rosettePattern rosettePattern Pattern with overlapping circles in a hexagonal arrangement.
snubQuadrilePattern snubQuadrilePattern beta
spiralPattern spiralPattern
tilingPattern beta
triangleCheckerPattern triangleCheckerPattern Triangular grid checkerboard pattern.
truchetPattern truchetPattern beta
waveGreekFriezePattern waveGreekFriezePattern beta
weavePattern weavePattern