Convert Operators

Operators that convert between different types of coordinates and return types (SDF, float/vector field, etc).


  • coordTo2D : Converts a 3D (or 1D) operator to work in a 2D plane on the chosen axes.
  • coordTo3D : Converts a 2D (or 1D) operator to work in a 3D context.
  • crossSection : Takes a 3D (or 2D) operator and take a cross section of it across a plane or a single axis.
  • extrude : Creates a 3D SDF by extruding a 2D SDF along along an axis.
  • extrudeLine : beta Extrudes a 2D SDF cross-section into a 3D volume, like the extrude operator, but between two points.
  • floatToSdf : Converts a float value field into an SDF.
  • floatToVector : Converts one or more float value field inputs into a single vector value field.
  • projectPlane : Takes a 1D or 2D operator and converts it to a 3D operator by mapping it to a plane within 3D space.
  • projectPolar : beta Projects coordinates into various types of polar spaces.
  • revolve : Creates a 3D SDF by revolving a 2D cross-section SDF around an axis.
  • sampleAlongLine : beta Samples a 2D/3D input along a single line, producing a 1D function.
  • sweep : Creates a 3D SDF by sweeping a 2D SDF along the surface of another 2D SDF.
  • vectorToFloat : Converts a vector value field to a float field using one part of the vector.