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  • geodesic
  • polyhedron
  • spikes

A geodesic polyhedron, optionally with a spike on each face.

Based on Geodesic domain manipulation by tdhooper.


  • Enable:
  • Shape: The type of polyhedron.
    • Icosahedron:
    • Dodecahedron:
  • Divisions: Number of divisions of the faces. Increasing this will result in more sides on the shape.
  • Enable Faces: Whether to include the flat surfaces on each face.
  • Face Offset: Distance of the faces from the center point.
  • Enable Spikes: Whether to include a spike on each face.
  • Spike Length: The length of the spikes.
  • Spike Offset: The distance from the center point of the base of each spike.
  • Spike Radius: The base radius of each spike.
  • Face Offset Field Coord Mode:
    • Original Position:
    • Geodesic Position:


  • Spike Tip Shape: (optional) Optional SDF that is placed at the tip of each spike.
    • Coordinate Types: vec3
    • Context Types: Context
    • Return Types: Sdf
  • Face Offset Field: (optional)
    • Coordinate Types: vec3
    • Context Types: Context MaterialContext CameraContext LightContext RayContext ParticleContext
    • Return Types: float