Field Operators

Float or vector fields, which provide values for the requested coordinates.

They can be used to control the behavior of other OPs, such as rotating by different amounts in different positions, or pulling color values from a texture.


atmosphereField atmosphereField Field that simulates a sun and sky.
axisDistanceField axisDistanceField A float field that provides the distance from a specific point along a single axis.
bandField bandField Field that applies values based on a band/slice of an axis.
blackbodyColorField blackbodyColorField Field that produces colors using a model of blackbody radiation from physics.
cellTileField cellTileField A value field that provides an approximation of repeating cellular (voronoi) noise.
chopField Field that provides values from a CHOP.
colorRampField colorRampField A vector field that maps an input field to values from a range of colors.
colorSwitchField Switches or fades between a list of colors based on an index field.
constantColorField constantColorField A vector field that evaluates to a constant color value.
constantField constantField A float or vector field that evaluates to a constant value.
constantSwitchField Switches or blends between constant values based on an index field.
curlNoiseField curlNoiseField Curl noise field.
dataTextureField Accesses data from a texture with the same layout as the renderer.
domainColorField domainColorField beta
hashField beta Advanced field that produces randomized values.
hsvColorField hsvColorField A field that uses HSV-based parameters to produce colors.
iterationField Field that returns the current iteration, from a downstream OP.
magnetField magnetField beta
metaballField metaballField Metaball value field.
multiPointDistanceField multiPointDistanceField A vector field that provides the distance from 4 specific points in space (one for each part of the vector).
nearestRingPointField nearestRingPointField
noiseField noiseField A float or vector field that uses one of several noise functions.
normalField normalField deprecated Vector field that produces the surface normal where it is evaluated.
pointDistanceField pointDistanceField A float field that provides the distance from a specific point in space from either the current position or from another point.
polarCoordField polarCoordField A field that produces various types of polar coordinates.
polarVectorField polarVectorField
positionField positionField A vector field that produces the coordinates in space where it is checked.
rampField rampField beta Field that produces values that fade from one value to another along an axis or line.
rayField rayField Field that provides the ray direction or origin.
sdfField sdfField Value field based on an SDF shape.
sdfNormalField sdfNormalField beta
spectralColorField spectralColorField Produces colors using rainbow spectrum patterns.
stepField stepField A field that switches between two values at a threshold point.
terrainNoiseField terrainNoiseField beta Noise that uses fBm (fractal brownian motion), which can work well for surface offsetting for terrain.
texture1dField beta
texture3dField texture3dField
textureField textureField A float or vector field that looks up values from a texture.
triPlanarTextureField triPlanarTextureField Texture field that uses surface normals (or other blending techniques) to apply a texture facing each axis.
uvField uvField Field that produces surface UV coordinates, if available.
waveField waveField A field that uses a periodic wave.
waveVectorField waveVectorField beta
waveletNoiseField waveletNoiseField
worleyNoiseField worleyNoiseField