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Combine Operators

Operators that take two or more inputs and combine them into a single output.

This includes operations that merge SDFs (union, diff, intersect), as well as more generic things like switches and cross-fade blending.


  • addFields : Adds the values of multiple fields.
  • arrange : Combines multiple SDFs, with a different position for each.
  • blend : deprecated Smoothly blends/morphs between up to 4 SDFs.
  • boundLimit : beta
  • combine : Combines SDFs in various ways.
  • combineFields : Combines float or vector fields using one of several mathematical operations.
  • composeSdf : beta Combine multiple SDFs using different combination modes into a single SDF.
  • compositeFields : Combines two vector fields using color compositing.
  • edgeCombine : Combines two SDFs in ways that use the intersection areas.
  • iterationSwitch : Switches between inputs based on the iteration value provided by a downstream operator.
  • layoutGrid : Slices space into a grid, and places each input in a separate cell.
  • mergeFields : Merges multiple vector fields, using different fields for each vector part.
  • mergeToggle : Combines multiple SDFs with a toggle to show/hide each without a shader rebuild.
  • shapedCombine : beta Combine two SDFs, using a 2D SDF to shape the blending region.
  • simpleDiff : Combines two SDFs using the difference operator.
  • simpleIntersect : Combines SDFs using the intersect operator.
  • simpleUnion : Combines several SDFs using the union operator.
  • switch : Switches between several inputs, without the need to rebuild the shader, allowing for fast switching.