Sdf Operators

Signed distances functions which define geometry in 3D space, by calculating the distance from the surface of the shape at any given point.

These operators are how geometry is defined for raymarching, and they are often the first operator in a chain that ends with a raymarchRender3d.


amazingSurfaceSdf amazingSurfaceSdf
apollonianSdf apollonianSdf Apollonian gasket fractal.
archSdf archSdf Arch / doorway.
bezierSdf bezierSdf
boxFrameSdf boxFrameSdf SDF for the squared frame of the edges of a box.
boxSdf boxSdf SDF for a box, optionally infinite one one axis.
bunnySdf bunnySdf SDF for a bunny.
capsuleSdf capsuleSdf A line or cylinder with rounded ends, between two points.
chainSdf chainSdf Chain made of links, with infinite length.
chamferBoxSdf chamferBoxSdf A box with cropped corners at 45 degree angles.
coneSdf coneSdf Defines a cone or capped cone shape.
crescentSdf crescentSdf Rounded crescent shape.
crossSdf crossSdf An SDF for a 3D cross along each axis, with either infinite or limited length.
cutSphereSdf cutSphereSdf Sphere with part of it cut off, either solid or hollow.
cylinderSdf cylinderSdf Cylinder, either solid or a hollow tube.
discSdf discSdf A flat disc facing the Y axis.
dodecahedronFractalSdf dodecahedronFractalSdf
ellipsoidSdf ellipsoidSdf Ellipsoid (sphere with different sizes on each axis).
generalizedPolyhedronSdf generalizedPolyhedronSdf Generates one of several different types of polyhedra.
geodesicSdf geodesicSdf A geodesic polyhedron, optionally with a spike on each face.
gridSdf gridSdf An infinite grid shape, along two axes.
gyroidSdf gyroidSdf Gyroid shape, which is an infinitely connected periodic surface.
headSdf headSdf Human head SDF created by tdhooper.
helixSdf helixSdf SDF for a helix (an elongated spiral).
hyperbolicParaboloidSdf hyperbolicParaboloidSdf
jointSdf jointSdf
juliaSdf juliaSdf
kaliGeneratorSdf kaliGeneratorSdf Fractal SDF based on "Generators" by Kali (
latticeSdf latticeSdf
lineSeriesSdf lineSeriesSdf
linkSdf linkSdf SDF for a chain link shape (an elongated loop).
mandelbulbSdf mandelbulbSdf Mandelbulb fractal.
mengerSpongeSdf mengerSpongeSdf Menger sponge fractal, made of boxes with holes cut through each axis.
mobiusRingSdf mobiusRingSdf SDF for a squared mobius ring, which is like a rectangular bar twisted and then bent into a ring.
octahedronSdf octahedronSdf An octahedron, with its corners facing the axes.
petalSdf petalSdf A flower petal or leaf shape.
pistonSdf pistonSdf
planeSdf planeSdf An infinite plane on the x, y, or z axis.
polyhedronSdf polyhedronSdf
prismSdf prismSdf A prism shape, like a cylinder but with flat sides, along the z axis.
pyramidSdf pyramidSdf A pyramid with four sides.
quadSdf quadSdf
segmentedLineSdf segmentedLineSdf Multi-segment line SDF.
solidAngleSdf solidAngleSdf A conical slice of a sphere.
sphereFbmSdf sphereFbmSdf
sphereGridSdf sphereGridSdf beta
sphereSdf sphereSdf SDF in 3D space for a uniform sphere.
spiralSdf spiralSdf A tapering spiral squared tube.
springSdf springSdf A coiled spring shape.
stackSdf beta
tetrahedronSdf tetrahedronSdf Tetrahedron shape.
torusGridSdf torusGridSdf beta
torusSdf torusSdf SDF for a torus.
truncatedPyramidSdf truncatedPyramidSdf
vesicaSegmentSdf vesicaSegmentSdf