Camera Operators

Operators that are used in raymarching to determine which direction rays should travel, effectively behaving as cameras.

These operators are generally specialized for use in the raymarching CameraContext, and may not support being fed through filters or other OPs.


  • basicCamera : Standard camera equivalent to a traditional Camera COMP with default settings.
  • cameraRemap : beta Modifies a camera by replacing the pixel UV coordinates that are used when calculating ray origins and directions.
  • fieldCamera : beta
  • fisheyeCamera : A 360 fisheye camera, that shows all directions from a specific point in space.
  • linkedCamera : A camera that is linked to an existing TD Camera COMP.
  • lookAtCamera : A camera that focuses on a specific point in space.
  • orthoCamera : beta An orthographic (non-perspective) camera, which can be used for flattened front/side/etc views.
  • splitCamera : A camera that splits the viewport into several zones, each using a separate camera.