RayTK is a library of TouchDesigner components that construct raymarching shaders (and other types of shaders) with networks of COMPs using the TouchDesigner network editor.

RayTK consists of a set of operator (ROP) components, and tools for working with them.

The goal of RayTK is to allow artists without a strong knowledge of GLSL to render raymarched scenes, using the familiar elements of the TouchDesigner network editor. Raymarching has been around for a long time, but it is very different from traditional rendering, and it requires a strong knowledge of GLSL and vector math.


Download the toolkit tox file from the GitHub repository releases.


RayTK is a ground-up rewrite of a previous similar project, which was based on Patrik Lechner’s TDRaymarchToolkit, which was based on hg_sdf and the work of Inigo Quilez.


RayTK was created by Tekt, a programmer and media artist based out of Los Angeles. Check out Instagram to see Tekt’s latest work.