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  • clone
  • copy
  • radial
  • repeat

Repeats an SDF radially around an axis, combining the resulting shapes.

Note that this runs its input multiple times, which can lead to performance issues.


  • Enable:
  • Axis: The axis around which to rotate the copies.
    • X:
    • Y:
    • Z:
  • Count: The number of copies. The performance cost of the input is multiplied by this number.
  • Angle Range: The angle spread around the axis, where the copies are distributed.
  • Angle Offset: Shifts the angle of the first copy around the axis.
  • Radius Offset: Offsets the copies towards/away from the axis. At zero, all copies will be centered on the axis.
  • Merge Type: How to merge the copies.
    • Simple Union:
    • Simple Intersect:
    • Simple Difference:
    • Smooth Union:
    • Smooth Intersect:
    • Smooth Difference:
    • Round Union:
    • Round Intersect:
    • Round Difference:
    • Chamfer Union:
    • Chamfer Intersect:
    • Chamfer Difference:
    • Stair Union:
    • Stair Intersect:
    • Stair Difference:
    • Column Union:
    • Column Intersect:
    • Column Difference:
  • Merge Radius: The amount of smoothing to apply when merging copies.
  • Iteration Type: Whether and how to expose iteration values to upstream operators.
    • None: Pass along whatever is provided by the next op after this one.
    • Clone Index: Use the copy index (from 0 to `Count`-1) as the x iteration value.
  • Merge Number:
  • Merge Offset:


  • definition_in: (required)
    • Coordinate Types: vec2 vec3
    • Context Types: Context MaterialContext CameraContext LightContext RayContext ParticleContext
    • Return Types: Sdf


  • index:
  • normindex: