A float or vector field that looks up values from a texture.

Texture is centered at 0,0 with coordinates from -0.5 to 0.5.


  • Enable:
  • Coord Type: The type of coordinates used for UV mapping.
    • Auto:
    • 1D: Uses the 1D coordinate as U and 0 for V.
    • 2D: Uses the provided 2D coordinates.
    • 3D: Uses the specified `Axis` to choose which axes to use for U and V.
  • Return Type:
    • Float:
    • Vector:
  • : When used for materials, set to `MaterialContext`, otherwise use `Context`.
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
    • :
  • Plane: When using 3D coordinates, the axis that faces the plane used for UV. This is not used when a UV field input is attached.
    • YZ: U=Y, V=Z
    • ZX: U=Z, V=X
    • XY: U=X, V=Y
  • Translate: Offsets the UV coordinates.
  • Scale: Scales the UV coordinates.
  • Texture: TOP used for the texture.
  • Extend Mode: How to handle UV coordinates outside the 0..1 range.
    • Hold:
    • Zero:
    • Repeat:
    • Mirror:


  • UV Map Field: (optional) When provided, this field is used to calculate the UV coordinates (in the x and y parts of the vec4).
    • Coordinate Types: float vec2 vec3 vec4
    • Context Types: Context MaterialContext CameraContext LightContext RayContext ParticleContext
    • Return Types: vec4


  • res:
  • aspect: