Material Operators

Material operators that are used by renderers to determine the color of points on the surface of geometry.

These operators are specialized to work in the MaterialContext and may not support being fed through other OPs like filters.


  • backgroundFieldContrib : Accesses color from the background field of the renderer, which is based on the surface normal, for use in a modularMat.
  • basicMat : Material with a basic lighting model.
  • colorizeSdf2d : Converts a 2D SDF to a striped distance pattern.
  • diffuseContrib : A material element that provides diffuse light contribution.
  • fieldMat : deprecated A material that uses a vector field input to determine the color.
  • goochShadingContrib : A material element that uses the Gooch shading model.
  • hologramContrib : beta
  • iridescenceContrib : beta Shading element that produces a rainbow pattern around the edges of shapes, depending on which direction the surface is facing (the surface normal).
  • matCapContrib : beta
  • modularMat : A material that is composed of one or more shading elements.
  • pbrMat : beta
  • phongMat : deprecated Material that uses phong shading.
  • reflectContrib : beta A material element that produces color based on light reflected from other surfaces.
  • reflectMat : beta
  • rimContrib : beta
  • sampledPointMat : beta A material that produces color for volumetric points relative to the input shape.
  • shadingProperty : beta
  • shadowContrib : beta A material element that produces the shading level for the surface.
  • skyLightContrib : A material element that acts as a basic pseudo directional light.
  • specularContrib : A material element that provides specular light contribution.
  • subsurfaceContrib : beta
  • surfaceColorContrib : A material element that produces the assigned color attribute for the surface.
  • toonShadingContrib : beta Modular shading element which uses a cell/toon shading technique with a color ramp.