Light Operators

Operators that are used in raymarching to define the behavior of light, including light sources and shadow behaviors.

These operators are generally specialized for use in the raymarching LightContext and may not support being fed through other OPs like filters.


ambientLight beta Ambient light source that doesn't come from a particular location.
axisLight axisLight Light that emits from along an axis, similar to an infinitely long tube light.
directionalLight directionalLight Directional or distant light which always comes from one direction.
hardShadow hardShadow A simple hard-edged shadow.
lightVolume lightVolume beta
linkedLight beta Light that is based on a standard Light COMP.
multiLight Combines multiple light sources.
pointLight Light that emits from a single point in space.
ringLight Light that emits from a torus or ring shape.
softShadow softShadow A soft-edged shadow.
spotLight Cone-shaped spotlight.
volumetricRayCast beta