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  • line
  • path
  • points
  • segments

Multi-segment line SDF.

The line is defined my a list of points, which are either defined by parameters or by CHOP channels.


  • Source: Where to get the point positions.
    • Parameters: Points are based on the `Point 1, etc parameters.
    • CHOP: The points are based on the `Points CHOP`.
  • Radius: The thickness of the line segments.
  • Segments: The number of line segments. This controls how many parameters or CHOP samples are used.
  • Close Path: Whether to add a line segment connecting the first and last points.
  • Points: CHOP used for point positions, using the `tx`, `ty`, and `tz` channels
  • Point 1:
  • Point 2:
  • Point 3:
  • Point 4:
  • Point 5:
  • Point 6:
  • Point 7:
  • Point 8: