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Transform the UV coordinates assigned to an SDF result.


  • Enable:
  • Transform Primary UVs: Whether to transform the primary UV coordinates.
  • Transform Secondary UVs: Whether to transform the secondary UV coordinates, which are used in cases where materials are being blended through a combine operator.
  • Enable Translate:
  • Enable Rotate:
  • Enable Scale:
  • Enable Pivot:
  • Translate:
  • Rotate:
  • Scale:
  • Uniform Scale:
  • Pivot:
  • Transform Order:
    • Scale Rotate Translate:
    • Scale Translate Rotate:
    • Rotate Scale Translate:
    • Rotate Translate Scale:
    • Translate Scale Rotate:
    • Translate Rotate Scale:
  • Rotate Order:
    • Rx Ry Rz:
    • Rx Rz Ry:
    • Ry Rx Rz:
    • Ry Rz Rx:
    • Rz Rx Ry:
    • Rz Ry Rx:
  • Scale Type:
    • Separate XYZ:
    • Uniform:


  • definition_in: (required)
    • Coordinate Types: float vec2 vec3
    • Context Types: Context MaterialContext CameraContext LightContext RayContext ParticleContext
    • Return Types: float vec4 Sdf Ray Light Particle