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A material that uses a vector field input to determine the color.

Essentially this is a conversion from a field to a material, with no other features.


  • Enable:
  • Use Local Position: Whether to use the "local" position relative to the input shape when looking up colors using the `Color Field` input. If enabled, the coordinates used for the color field will be "before" any downstream transformations are applied. When disabled, the final global position where a point ends up in the render is used instead.
  • Use Light Color:


  • SDF Shape: (required)
    • Coordinate Types: vec2 vec3
    • Context Types: Context
    • Return Types: Sdf
  • Color Field: (optional) Vector field used to provide the color for each surface point.
    • Coordinate Types: vec2 vec3
    • Context Types: MaterialContext
    • Return Types: float vec4